Saturday, February 23, 2008


On February 23rd, Max fell on the corner of the bedside table and busted his lip open.  We took him to the ER, and he got a few stitches.  He was such a good boy, the nurses were fawning over him and the doc thought he was super tough.  He didn't even flich when they sewed him up.  

Maddie brought him home some little stuffed animals to make him feel better.

The next day getting ready for church.  Notice the pockets stuffed with animals and the puppy band-aid he was so proud of.  

Maddie's Friends

Madeline has had a lot of birthday parties to go to this month.  She has been having so much fun with her friends.  Two of the parties were at Waveland Bowl.


2/9/08  This was at the party for Lucy and Sally Walsh. (They are the two with the hot pink personalized bowling shirts.)  You can see Maddie in the light green shirt with her bright smile clutching her goodie bag.  Maddie is a big fan of the goody bag.

2/22/08  Here is the party for Maddie's friend Makayla.  You can see Maddie winning the record for the slowest bowler of all time. (She won that prize at Lucy's party also.)  

This ball actually went so slowly down the lane that it stopped, then slowly made it's way back towards her, then came to a complete stand still.  It was dutifully retrieved by some brave soul, so she was able to unleash her power again.  I think the ball made it down the lane eventually.  This girl loves to bowl!  

When Max and I came to pick up Maddie, the kids were all doing some sort of crazy line dance.  Max joined right in and busted a few moves.

2/23/08  This is the party for her friend Xiomara.  It was at Sweet and Sassy.  They were picked up in a hot pink Limo that really impressed Maddie because it was decorated with stars inside and had "lots of tv's and a garbage can."  

At the party they had their hair and glitter makeup done.  They dressed up as princesses, walked down the runway and learned to curtsy at the end.  They danced around for a while and then had cake and presents in the party room.  Maddie had so much fun here.  She was all sparkly for the rest of the weekend.  She couldn't stop reapplying her silvery glittery lip gloss!    

Friday, February 22, 2008

Diego Live!

On February 22nd, we went to see Go Diego Go Live!  The Great Jaguar Rescue        at the Sears Center Arena.

The kids were given Baby Jaguar masks so they could help save the day during the play.

Diego and Alysia.

The Rescue Pack was their favorite character.

Max would not let the popcorn out of his grip.

                                                          Heading home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Class Trip to the Field Museum

On February 19th Max had a class trip to the Field Museum. He was so cute with all his classmates, acting like T-Rex's. They learned about dinosaurs. 

To answer a question, 
the kids were asked to raise a claw. Max's claw was always in the air. He loves to contribute!

Max got a Plasto-Mold Dinosaur before we left.  He was dino-roaring all the way home.

Monday, February 18, 2008

DuPage Children's Museum

On President's Day, February 18th, we decided to drive out to the DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville.  

The kids had fun posing in the shadow room.

Maddie was very involved in
making gigantic bubbles.

What I enjoyed most about this museum was that it was overflowing with mini experiences and then also had a huge large construction area.

Max's favorite part of the place was the air zone.  You put goggles on and play around in this chamber that blows air and spins your pinwheels and blows your hair and cheeks all around.  

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More of Max's Birthday

Maddie and Max are anxiously awaiting the arrival of friends for Max's birthday party on February 16th.
Max is unaware that Samantha's Amazing Animals is bringing 10 different live animals to the house to surprise him!

All the kids were so excited and curious when the cages were brought in.

The handler gave Max a safari hat and told him he would be the helper at the party. Here she is showing him the cute little Hedgehog.

One of our favorite animals, the Fennec Fox.

Here is the 8-Banded Armadillo.

The (sort of) skateboarding Ferret.

.........................King of the Wild Things!.........................

Cute little Chinchilla.

I can't remember what kind of bird this was, but the kids got to hypnotize it.

This chocolate colored Raccoon was cute. Max was excited to feed it some Fruit Loops.

Yes, I hired a celebrity for the party. This Coatamundi is famous. He has been on Pet Stars.

Max's favorite, Kiki the Kinkajou, also known as a Honey Bear. He got to feed it and he was very proud of himself. Until it licked him. Then it was all over!

Max's party was a success. His friends stayed to play a little and eat lunch after the show.

Making a wish on the lion cupcakes!

..........................Portrait of a Grateful Boy...............................

Max decided that because he was able to celebrate his birthday on Saturday too, that it must mean that he is another year older. He now thinks he is 5. He tells everyone, and says he can go to Kindergarten next year now. Hmmm....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Max's 4th Birthday!!!!

Max woke up a 4 year old today, February 13th. He got to open his presents before he left for preschool.

He is so excited to be 4!

Donald Duck movie from Grandma.

Playing with his new safari set after school.

Max chose The Rainforest Cafe for his birthday dinner. I knew he would appreciate the decor there.

A crazy balloon animal guy made Max a giraffe and Maddie a monkey.

The volcano lava cake was exciting for Max when it was delivered to the table, but he still didn't eat any of it!