Monday, January 21, 2008

Museum of Science and Industry

The kids had fun on 1/21 at the Museum of Science and Industry. 

We went specifically for the Henry Crown Space Center that was supposed to be finished. Everything was done except for the shuttle experience.

The tractor is always fun for them.

Martin Luther King Jr

Madeline and I enjoyed listening to this speech today.  The kids are also enjoying a day off from school today.

Gingerbread Houses

The kids all made gingerbread houses before bed.   

Maddie and Max would not let me throw theirs away. Grandma had to keep them until after we went home to Chicago.  

Christmas Day

On Christmas Morning, the kids were waiting at the top of the stairs for everyone to get up.  They were excited to see if Santa had come!

Sitting with Grandpa.

Max found his stocking overflowing with animal things!

Madeline's stocking was full of spacey sciency stuff.

The kids enjoyed the christmas crackers.  They all wore their crowns while they sipped sparkling apple cider.  

Of course, Max didn't eat.  He quickly disappeared
 from the table and we found him passed out underneath a rocking chair!  

Christmas in Healdsburg

12/23/2007  We were excited to go to
 Healdsburg, CA to visit my parents for Christmas.  The weather was beautiful and warm, at least compared to Chicago!  Here is Maddie snoozing with her cousins the night we arrived.  

On December 24th, the kids found baskets and decided to go apple picking in my parent's miniature orchard.  

Here are Maddie and Max trooping across the bridge...

Here are all the girls 
gathered together...    

Grandpa and Grandma even helped Maddie make the apples into apple juice!

Here is Max making pie crust.

That night, Christmas Eve, the kids made beignets for Santa Claus before bed.  

They had fun rolling and cutting them out while Grandpa fried them up.