Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Les Madeleines

While visiting Utah, we went to Les Madeleines for lunch.  I had heard a lot of good things about the pastry chef here.  I had also been wanting to take Madeline here because she shares the name.

I ordered the Genoa sandwich and the Limeade.  Mmmmm.  The french pastry selection was nice too.  It's my new favorite place, even though I don't live nearby.


We stopped at Rockpick Legend Rock Shop so that my tired Maddie could check out the place. She found a few cool rocks to take home.


Anonymous said...

I am so, so excited you have a new post! I almost forgot you had a blog!

Michelle Campbell said...

I loved all the updates! You are the coolest mom ever! The places you take your kids are amazing... you must put a million miles on your car. haha. I sure would love to see you with your kids in some of those pics though. haha. I know, I know, you told me before that your a behind the camera person, but I still miss seeing you. :)
Can't wait to see pics of your new house too! :) So fun! Love you girl!

Erika and Ryan said...

April Lowe, is this you??? If so, HI!!! This is Erika Dale (Adams). I found Katy on Facebook and her blog led me here. This has to be you. It's been such a long time but looks like life has treated you very well. Your children are so cute. You are so good to take them to all these places--you're a much better mom than I! Anyway, I'd love to hear from you! ♥Erika